Prayer for the Disabled
#1 January 3 2010, 12:17 pm
Prayer for the Disabled

This is so beautiful that I wanted to share it I found it on the net under prayers for the disabled .


Perhaps you are, or know of a friend or relative who lives with a handicap. This thread is open for prayer, for them. We need to remember, that in an instant...we too could become disabled and have a dependency on others for our well being. God bless you all.

Father, I come to You in Jesus' name, on behalf of all the disabled and handicapped. You know their pain and suffering more than anyone else! Please give them relief from their pain and calm their frustrations. Help them to succeed in whatever task(s) they may be trying today. Give them courage to push forward in life, knowing that others will look upon them differently. Open the hearts and eyes of the 'able' bodied, to see more clearly that compassion is what needs to be displayed toward them; and not pity. Extend YOUR strength to them and send them messages of encouragement, I pray.

"My wealth and the measure of my success
is in the amount of love that I give and receive."
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