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Posted January 5, 2010 by ttilion

I'm suffering from depression, anxiety, COPD, high blood pressure and Bipolar Disorder Type II.  There are days that I would just like to be alone and have no appointments or tasks to do throughout the day.  Then there are days when I want to be with my youngest daughter and go to Starbucks for coffee and lunch somewhere close by. My youngest daughter, Jennie, is the love of my life and I enjoy her company.  She is in school to become a x-ray technician.  She graduates this summer and will find a good job in the health care industry.  She is practically ''acing'' the course right now, she is very smart.  I am very proud of her.

I'm retired ......... was formerly in the US Navy as a flight paramedic and when I got out I became a firefighter/paramedic and have retired from that job too.  I have a hobby of photography, with the latest in digital equipment.  I enjoy the DO website because it gives me a place to go to be recognized by friends.

I want to make more new friends in due time.  I need support just like we all do.  I thank all of you for being there for me, keeping me strong in spirit and mental personality.


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