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Hello new community! I am in a pickle. I am a 45 yr old diagnosed with an incurable lung disease and Lupus. While both are manageable, we have not found the right formula to do so. I live alone in a one bedroom apartment and because of the progression of my disease I need to move back home where I have more support and care. I am currently under lease agreement with the apartment complex I live in and have been able to maintain on my own until now. I was told under their apartment rules and guidelines, I have to submit $1500 before they will accept my 60 day notice to vacate and still pay rent for the next two months. On my only income from SSDI does not provide me with enough money to do that. Do I have any rights? Are their any loop holes to help me? Does anyone have any suggestions?
So I'm five months away from my medical hearing, I have a attorney that says my case is solid, I've had a lot of resistance from the Veterans Administration who has already rated me at 100% but they won't complete the necessary documents for Social Security Disability claim. But I'm not deterred I have been fighting for many years to get what is mine to have, I will not be defeated.
1. Peripheral Neuropathy
2. fibromyalgia
3. Lupus
5. Two bulging disc in my back
6. Hiatal Hernia
8. Vasal Vagal response (I blackout when I cough or sneeze, laugh to hard or
when vomiting, it was so bad they wont let me drive.
9. Tinnitus
10. Major Depressive disorder.

I just wanted anyone reading the hyperbole I will write here comes from someone that is similar too almost anyone else here. Certainly there are going to be many out there that are much worse off than me, I'm very sorry for anyone who suffers through chronic illness, and I respect the different opinions that will arise, and even if you don't believe in a higher power, I will pray for you. I will harness the positive energy that surrounds me daily and will it your way. Believe in your potential to survive, and to function, do not let fear or pain deliver you into isolation and despair. Find the place that you can go in you head to free your spirit, feel energized, and strong. Pain will not define me, I am more than a disabled father of three and husband for 21 years. More later and I wont go on and on about this to often, I like talking about lots of things so until next time I'm out
Insurance companys are doctors?
Posted July 1, 2013 by Dan-E in Health
Just got a letter from my insurance company, ( Aetna ) stating that they will only pay for 28 days worth of Chantix.
THEY have determined that I can quit by using ANDA bupropion SR and its cheaper for them. My Doctor and I have gone over all the medication and determined that Chantix is the best shot for me to quit smoking. I've been smoking for 40 yrs. and have COPD. is it cheaper to pay for Chantix or cancer treatments?
I do not like the Idea of my insurance company trying to tell my doctor how to treat me. There interest is in the wrong place.
Hello to y'all. I am looking for someone who's blind and disabled who I could be friends with here in Washington, particularily the Everett & Snohomish County area, since this is where we live. If someone could post back to me, that'd be great . Thank you.
Posted April 18, 2013 by roadrunner1984 in Health
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