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All self-advocates and people that see the person, not the disability. Apostrophe strives to help people with disabilities chase their dreams and achieve independence. "Forget can't and don't, we can and do."
Can't and shouldn't. Those words too often turn into "could have" and "should have" - regrets about lost opportunities. Apostrophe, a quarterly magazine for, about and by people with developmental disabilities, intends to help turn "can't" and "shouldn't" into "can" and "should."

This full color, glossy magazine currently has subscribers in 30 states, and is growing in readership daily. Apostrophe, a concept developed by AWARE Inc. CEO Larry Noonan, advocates for people with developmental disabilities and gives them another way to advocate for themselves.

"Forget can't and don't. We can and do."

Every story, column and section in the magazine uses people first language and relates to "can" and "do" and eliminating apostrophes in peoples' lives. Aside from information about benefits, work, disability law, access and real life examples of people achieving independence, it also offers easy to follow how-to guides, recipes, recreational information and entertainment.

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apostrophe wrote at September 23, 2010
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‎3 of Stephen "Elvis" Betts' autographed magazines were auctioned off for $725 each during WestMont's Harvest Days. The auction took place at their annual black tie and blue jeans dinner in Helena.
apostrophe wrote at September 23, 2010
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Check out one of Apostrophe's favorite YouTube channels. We encourage all to subscribe and join the fight to end waiting lists for Developmental Disability Services nationwide and make them portable.
apostrophe wrote at July 16, 2010
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Apostrophe's Summer 2010 issue is now available online.

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